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Intermediate - Red is for winners


Parçada geçen önemli kelimelerin ingilizce tanımları ve örnek kullanımları aşağıdadır:

stand out against sth/sb

to publicly oppose something or someone
More and more people are standing out against what is a very unpopular piece of legislation.

according to

as stated by
According to Sarah they're not getting on very well at the moment.

tip the balance

to cause a change, esp. in making something more likely to happen
Introducing new fish to the lake tipped the balance and made it very hard for the trout that were already living there.


someone who competes in a contest
In tonight's quiz, our contestants have come from all over the country.


more important, strong, or noticeable than anything else of the same type
Unemployment will be a dominant issue at the next election.